Adding the COVID-19 digital certificate to your digital wallet

Once you’ve received two doses of your COVID-19 vaccine (either AstraZeneca or Pfizer), a shiny new ‘COVID-19 digital certificate‘ will be available in your Medicare online account at as a PDF, or via the Express Plus Medicare app on Android or iOS, to help show proof of vaccination.

(this is separate to your immunisation history; the certificate only shows COVID-19 vaccination information, not any other immunisations you may have had)

As of today, it’s now possible to add a copy of your COVID-19 digital certificate to your digital wallet of choice – Apple Wallet or Google Pay – making it easier to show proof of vaccination for which will undoubtedly become required sometime in the future.

There are two methods to add it into Apple Wallet;

You can go straight to, tap on ‘Go to Medicare’ in the COVID-19 vaccination status area, and then under the PDF link, there’s an Add to Apple Wallet button.

The other method, is to use the Medicare app – which is handy to have regardless for other features like a digital Medicare card.

Download and install the Medicare app on your phone, and log in with your myGov account if you haven’t already
From the main menu, tap on ‘Immunisation History’. Similar to the web option above, this time you’ll tap on ‘View COVID-19 digital certificate which will bring up your certificate, something a little fancier than a PDF (with an animated coat of arms). 

You’ll also notice an ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ (as above) – once you tap on this you’ll get a little warning and disclaimer about adding it to Apple Wallet and your privacy. As with other passes in Wallet (like your Qantas or Velocity membership cards, IKEA Family or flybuys loyalty cards, etc) they can be synced in iCloud between your different devices, and backed up to iCloud.

Once you hit accept, you’ll see the option to add to your Wallet! The front has your date of birth, document number, and the ‘valid from’ date – the date you got your second dose.
The ‘back’ of the pass also has your Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI), and what vaccine you received and the dates of your doses.

On Android, you have the same option to add your certificate to Google Pay as your ‘COVID Card‘ – making use of recent functionality to treat COVID data a little differently to other passes in Google Pay.

Adding your proof of. COVID-19 vaccination to your digital wallet alongside your other wallet passes makes it even easier to show when required without having to hunt down a specific app,